About Candece

Candece brings with her over 25 years of sales experience. With Candece’s friendly disposition and her experience in Real Estate, she’s is already thriving in her new position.

“My passion is networking with people and bringing like businesses and people together. I am so excited to become a Relationship Manager with Resolution Home Loans. For those that know me, they know I love to talk! I have been in sales for 25+ years. I feel my extensive sales experience is already so helpful in my new career and position.”

Candece also loves working with charities. She is currently a board member of two foundations; Depend On A Friend, a foundation to help children and families with life threatening illnesses, and Relay for Life – Team Miralago, supporting the fight against Cancer.

RE road to success…

Realtors, let me ask you something?? When you think of your favorite… most trusted Lender… I ask you…what do they bring of value to YOU to help GROW your RE business? If your answers all include the usual.. fast service, good rates.. Remember those answers don’t GROW your business.. What helps GROW your business is a Lender who can offer FREE VALUE ADDED services.. above and beyond what you should be receiving .. from your TRUSTED LENDER… If you are interested on more information.. CONTACT ME TODAY Candece Cavalieri 954-818-4697


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