Thanksgiving is coming and the smell of the pumpkin spice is starting to fill the air, and leaves are changing to the vibrant hues of fall.

Before you make yourself busy for Thanksgiving pleasantries… breathe and take the time to start a few home maintenance projects.

Why is seasonal maintenance important?

Seasonal maintenance can help keep your home well-presentable and well-functioning. It will also save you $$$ if you get to prevent a big or major renovation. You’ll get to sleep co mfortably knowing that you’ve taken all necessary precautions.

This Fall ‘Tis the season to …

1. Check and Clean The Gutters

Leaves can clog your gutters and the rainwater could eventually spill-over. This overflow can damage your home’s roof and foundation.

Remove the leaves from your gutters than turning it into a costly problem.

2. Do a walking inspection

Take a walk around and check the exterior of your home, keep an eye open for damage along the pathways. Cracks could mean loose cement or gravel, increasing the likelihood of an accident. 

Be sure to inspect the siding and foundation while you’re at it, and do any repairs as soon as possible.

3. Cracks and Gaps in your interior can cause problems too

When you shut doors and windows, make sure there aren’t any spaces allowing air to escape. If there is, repair and seal them ASAP.

Little gaps can spike your heating bill and see how much you’re paying to keep the whole neighborhood warm.

4. Keep Your Summer Furniture

Patio furniture is more likely to be damaged from winter weather. Since you probably won’t spend as much time outside move outdoor furniture, trampolines and other summer staples into storage.

5. Clean sweep

Schedule a time to have your chimney and heating system cleaned and maintained, including swapping old filters for new ones. It’s important that everything is in good working condition to decrease the likelihood of house fires.

6. Pipe down

Shut off the water supply to exterior faucets and insulate your pipes before the weather dips below 32 degrees. This will help prevent pipes from freezing, bursting and flooding your home.

7. Take time to vent

Yes, your dryer vent! Clean your dryer vent to help prevent this problem and keep it working more efficiently.

8. Testing safety devices 

Test safety devices, such as smoke alarms, and check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher. In case a fire ignites, it’s important to know that you and your family will be alerted and able to get out of the house quickly and safely, or able to extinguish smaller fires before significant damage is done.

9. Check your home insurance coverage

Can your insurance weather the storm? The final item on your fall home maintenance checklist should always be to call your insurance agent. Schedule a date to walk through your coverage to ensure that your home will be protected, no matter what situation may arise.